Our Work


Increasing Access to Care

The health care system is working through a coverage expansion unlike any other since 1965, at the same time that it seeks to improve care quality and reduce care costs. Some have … [Read More]


Advocating for Complete Streets

More livable, safer and accessible streets may be destined for a Phoenix city block near you, thanks to grassroots efforts and development of a pioneering working group made up of … [Read More]


Building Organizational Capacity

The Technical Assistance Partnership's (TAP) outreach and collaborative consulting model typically directly impacts about 75 organizations annually, with farther reaching effects … [Read More]


Reinventing Neighborhoods

SLHI, the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University have partnered to implement a Department of Housing and Urban Development grant with the goal of reimagining - and … [Read More]


Building Powerful Alliances

Building healthier communities requires work that today often exist in terms of wills, but not always skills. SLHI's work with Maryvale, South Phoenix, and the Health Equity … [Read More]

Latest News

Things Are A Little Different Around Here

Welcome to the new SLHI website. We've said goodbye to the design and structure we've called home for a number of years. For you the site user, there's good news and more good news. First, this site design works wherever … [Read More]

We Don’t Have a Health Policy

"We don't have a specific health policy per se, we have health in ALL of our policies." The city of Avondale's Daniel Culotta said a lot with only a few words in response to a General Plan question at the March 19 Arizona … [Read More]

Build It, Teach It, Change It

"Building new supermarkets in areas that lack them won’t positively change people’s health.” That's how the nightly news saw things after Health Affairs released a study comparing two Philadelphia neighborhoods. One got a new … [Read More]

White House West

Arizona has lately felt like the far west wing of the White House. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Vice President Joe Biden, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and Presidential Senior Advisor Valerie … [Read More]

The Light Rail Diet

There's a recipe for weight loss and beating back obesity, and it calls for you to ride the Light Rail. It's no gimmick. In 2010, researchers were smart enough to conduct pre- and post-light rail research on neighborhoods … [Read More]

15.75 Million

March 31 - and the end of the Affordable Care Act's first open enrollment period - is almost here. Politicos will have plenty to say, but one Michigan man's summary of the Affordable Care Act's impact is worth your … [Read More]