Our Work


Increasing Access to Care

The health care system is working through a coverage expansion unlike any other since 1965, at the same time that it seeks to improve care quality and reduce care costs. Some have … [Read More]


Advocating for Complete Streets

More livable, safer and accessible streets may be destined for a Phoenix city block near you, thanks to grassroots efforts and development of a pioneering working group made up of … [Read More]


Building Organizational Capacity

The Technical Assistance Partnership's (TAP) outreach and collaborative consulting model typically directly impacts about 75 organizations annually, with farther reaching effects … [Read More]


Reinventing Neighborhoods

SLHI, the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University have partnered to implement a Department of Housing and Urban Development grant with the goal of reimagining - and … [Read More]


Building Powerful Alliances

Building healthier communities requires work that today often exist in terms of wills, but not always skills. SLHI's work with Maryvale, South Phoenix, and the Health Equity … [Read More]

Latest News

8-80 Cities

Do thirteen year-olds really intuitively know more than trained engineers about how to plan and build a healthier, more livable future for your city? Gil Penalosa would say, "yes." That's just part of the message 8-80 … [Read More]


The Health Insurance Marketplace is open for health insurance coverage, but not for much longer. And here’s the good news, the 600+ member organizations that make up the Cover Arizona Coalition are here to help. Even … [Read More]

People, Partnerships and Possibilities

Welcome to December, when people typically reflect on the preceding 12 months - or in our case we look back on SLHI’s fiscal year through our 2014 online Annual Report. It builds on the premise that expanding partnerships … [Read More]

Food For Thought… And Action

Somehow, our state has 15,000 farms and ranches, but access to healthy food remains an obstacle for many. That is one of the key reasons why SLHI is partnering with stakeholders to develop a Maricopa County Food Systems … [Read More]