Our Work


Increasing Access to Care

The health care system is working through a coverage expansion unlike any other since 1965, at the same time that it seeks to improve care quality and reduce care costs. Some have … [Read More]


Advocating for Complete Streets

More livable, safer and accessible streets may be destined for a Phoenix city block near you, thanks to grassroots efforts and development of a pioneering working group made up of … [Read More]


Building Organizational Capacity

The Technical Assistance Partnership's (TAP) outreach and collaborative consulting model typically directly impacts about 75 organizations annually, with farther reaching effects … [Read More]


Reinventing Neighborhoods

SLHI, the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University have partnered to implement a Department of Housing and Urban Development grant with the goal of reimagining - and … [Read More]


Building Powerful Alliances

Building healthier communities requires work that today often exist in terms of wills, but not always skills. SLHI's work with Maryvale, South Phoenix, and the Health Equity … [Read More]

Latest News

Bikes, Trains & Less Driving

Arizona, like the rest of America, is experiencing a shift in how people travel. Get all the details on the 10.5% drop in vehicle miles traveled between 2005 and 2012, as well as the dramatic increases in public transit … [Read More]

AHCCCS: “It All Adds Up”

As Medicaid Restoration proceeds, some have been asking the key question: "what's in it for me?" Think jobs. Community investment. Healthier communities. Hospitals no longer on the brink of closure. Just as importantly, … [Read More]

Street Smarts

There's more to streets than typically meets the eye. Rather than think of them as movers of cars, we ought to recognize them as a connectors of people and places, and of commerce and communities. We should start to see them … [Read More]

What We Mean by Innovation, Pt. 1

In the Winter of 2014 St. Luke's Health Initiatives launched a call for transformational projects to fund. In many minds, the question became "what qualifies as innovative?" We can think of no better way to provide … [Read More]