Our Work


Increasing Access to Care

The health care system is working through a coverage expansion unlike any other since 1965, at the same time that it seeks to improve care quality and reduce care costs. Some have … [Read More]


Advocating for Complete Streets

More livable, safer and accessible streets may be destined for a Phoenix city block near you, thanks to grassroots efforts and development of a pioneering working group made up of … [Read More]


Building Effective Nonprofits

SLHI's capacity building efforts support its theory of change: Healthy and resilient communities are supported by policy and systems shaped and influenced by effective non-profits … [Read More]


Reinventing Neighborhoods

SLHI, the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University have partnered to implement a Department of Housing and Urban Development grant with the goal of reimagining - and … [Read More]


Building Powerful Alliances

Building healthier communities requires work that today often exist in terms of wills, but not always skills. SLHI's work with Maryvale, South Phoenix, and the Canyon Corridor … [Read More]

Latest News

Coverage Matters

Getting - and understanding - health insurance is no small task. There are new terms, instructions, and practices to understand. Insurance basically needs its own "quick start" guide and owner's manual, and a number of … [Read More]

SLHI’s 2015 Annual Report

What's new about SLHI's 2015 fiscal year that ended June 30th? In some ways everything is. In other respects, our commitments to healthy communities remain quite familiar. Take a look at our newly-released online Annual … [Read More]

Get Dialed In: Health Webinars on Demand

Health improvement efforts ranging from community gardens to care coordination innovations are developing across the state of Arizona, making now an important time to share those stories. Thanks to a partnership with the … [Read More]

Workbook: Creating Resilient Communities

Community health and resiliency go hand-in-hand. A community's ability to improve health and well-being over time depends a great deal on how well it can respond to change and bounce back from adversity. That's why resilience … [Read More]